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A little about us


Back in 2016 we opened what we thought would be a wine bar in Newquay, Cornwall.. 55YARDS
And we were staggered by the demand for gin - it soon became a gin bar that sold wine!
Having stocked over 200 different gins and sold around 20,000 gin and tonics it followed 
naturally that we would develop our own gin. After dozens of trial distillations and several blind tastings Yards Gin was born.

We built a small distillery in the bar and launched in the autumn of 2019.

An image of the Yards Drinks launch night ticket and invite.

At the end of the first lockdown in 2020 we developed our dark and spice rum and the chilli tequila followed soon after.
We moved to Bodinnick, Cornwall,
and the
Old Ferry Inn in 2021, opening our distillery at the end of the year and now sell all of our products, plus some home made food and lots of lovely Cornish produce from our Distillery/Deli shop.

Paul Worswick


An image showing Yards Drinks 200ml bottles of gin.
Various Yards Drinks bottles of gin in a rustic setting.
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